Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Motown classics - smooth jazz style.  I'm especially proud of this collection; I hope you enjoy it, too.

Also, just a reminder: I released two other albums this year.  The first, Imagine, is my saxophonic tribute to The Beatles.  I've always been a huge Beatles fan - Imagine is my humble tribute to the Best Band Ever.

The second album, The Promise Of Spring, is a collection of very sublime and relaxing new age piano pieces I composed and recorded.  I've always been a frustrated piano player and this album gave me the opportunity (and excuse) to sit down and completely submerse myself into the grand piano.  I loved composing and recording these songs; I hope you love them, too.

If you're an instrumentalist and would like to check some play-along versions to my recordings, go to the smooth jazz play-alongs page.  

If you're new to my music, you can learn more about me on the About Mark page, but the short story is this: I'm a saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist, composer, and recording artist; I've recorded a lot of music over the years and I'm recording more all the time.  I've sold hundreds of thousands of my albums and songs, and my songs have streamed over 25,000,000 times.  People seem to like what I record; I know I enjoy recording it!

My music tends to be very romantic, relaxing, and sensual; people use it for sex music, soft background music, dinner music, easy listening music, etc.  Some of what I record is upbeat and uplifting: backyard party music, etc.  I'm actually pretty versatile: I also recorded some excellent blues music and some very lovely smooth jazz Christmas

So relax and enjoy the music.  Use my Contact Page if you want to reach me - I'd love to hear from you.




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